Now Manufacturing Social Distancing Screens

Now Manufacturing Social Distancing Screens

Worried about how you can implement social distancing measures in the workplace? Here at Rexrob Engineering we are able to provide solutions during the COVID-19 outbreak. Whilst assisting businesses who are in need of screens, no matter the industry. 

Our Social Distancing Screens

The first trial set of social distancing screens have recently finished production; these were manufactured for a local food factory who recently approached us asking for our assistance. 

Unlike other screens, these are bespoke in both shape and style to suit the particular production line in question. But what makes these different? Due to the nature of the industry, we were unable to use Perspex or glass, unfortunately these materials could shatter thus contaminating the food. Therefore, using a flexible PVC not only decreases the likelihood of contamination, but also serves the individual requirements of our client. 

If you are in the market for solutions during the ongoing pandemic, our team is here to help and guide you through the variety of screens we can provide. These could come in the forms of counter screens, queueing pods and many more. Simply find our contact details here and we’ll be back in touch with you as soon as possible.